Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving morning I have so much to be thankful for.  I am sitting in the beautiful art studio that Danny created for me, and everywhere I look there are things that touch my spirit.

Note cards and books surround me on my writing table:  The Complete Photo Guide to Textile Art – Architectural Drawing Course – The Freelance Writer’s Bible – The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal – Living Your Life Out Loud – Creative Paint Techniques – The Glass Artist’s Studio Handbook … you get the idea!  There are paintings in different phases of completion, clay forms that have been created and are waiting to be put together as jewelry and strings of beads hanging on the wall waiting to be added to them.  There are piles of clay waiting to be plied to create more jewelry pieces.  Next to me is a tabletop I created with tile, waiting to be grouted. Outside my door in the music room, there is a beautiful ivory baby grand – another gift from Danny – and many guitars calling my name.  I am grateful for all of this, yet I allow it to bother me that I can’t give my attention to everything all at once.

I have a habit of allowing myself to feel pulled in so many directions, feeling frustrated that I can’t do all that I want to do, and always anxious for everything to be accomplished now.  I want to paint, I want to finish some jewelry and that tabletop next to me, I want to work on some music, and I want to work on my real estate business, all right now.  Oh – and of course, I want lots of time to spend with my beautiful husband and loved ones too!  Nothing is more important than that!

I think many of us have this habit – we know that life is about the journey, so why do we get so caught up in the destination?  We want to live in the moment, but we aren’t always so successful at doing it, at least I’m not.  Instead of  slowing down and enjoying what I am doing at any given moment, I am worrying about everything else that I need / want to do.  So as I sit here and give thanks for all of these gifts that surround me, and my new career that I am so grateful for, I focus on learning the art of being, of needing nothing more than to exist in the present moment in harmony with my environment and my husband, knowing that everything will be done in good time, just when it is supposed to be.  It is so liberating, this letting go of the need to do everything today.

As I open myself up to this idea, the world around me suddenly explodes in full color, like the Wizard of Oz.  The instruments of my passions are no longer laughing at me, taunting me with my failure to put them to use.  Instead, they sit beautifully and patiently waiting, ready to be enjoyed again when my heart draws me to them in a moment of creative ecstasy.  The ivory baby grand smiles at me, a beautiful work of art, letting me know that her ivories are not going anywhere and will resonate with their familiar beauty whenever I am ready and able to stroke them.  The guitars no longer mock me but allow me to enjoy the sweet smell of their varnished wood, even if I am not able to take the time to strum them today.  The unfinished canvasses in the art room remind me of the peace I felt when I plied them with color and give me comfort in knowing that I will again be ready to layer on more oil, when the time is right.

I am no longer fraught with worry that I am not currently able to take the time to create music and art in this beautiful haven, but instead smile in knowing that when I am ready and able, all of the tools for my creative pleasure are but an arm’s reach away.  For right now, I will focus on my other passion, my real estate career, and ask all of these other gifts that I am so thankful for to wait patiently a little longer.


Studio                                Studio modified



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